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      У рамках декади педагогічної майстерності викладачів циклової комісії іноземних мов з 23 листопада до 02 грудня 2021 року буде проходити англомовний вебквест «Визначні особистості ХХІ століття»  

Запрошуємо до участі викладачів і студентів коледжу.

        Where would we be without inventors, philosophers, economists, politicians, explorers, and other “ideas” people? 

      Prominent figures are people who are well known throughout the world for what they have done. They come from all areas of life, including politics, sport, music, art, science and technology. Sometimes they are called celebrities or heroes. Many celebrities in the world have risen to stardom in different ways. For some, their gifts and unique talents saw them rise to fame, while for others, it was a controversy that saw them become famous. 

      Get a glimpse of three of them who have been making headlines for various reasons in the world today.